Wednesday, September 23, 2009


OK, first of all I said I was going to retire this blog. I can’t help myself. There’s just too much to talk through, books to review, things to tell you about, much to complain about, etc. I’ve got about 7 posts stored up inside of me that I’m going to be blasting out during the next 7-10 days, some long, some very short like this one. I wanted to let you know about a series of podcast episodes on what I think is the greatest podcast in the short history of podcasting. They’re from DAN CARLIN’S HARDCORE HISTORY, and there are 3 episodes dealing with World War II’s eastern front – that is, the brutal conflict between the Soviet Union and Germany. These podcasts are amazing. Not only did I learn a ton, it’s the “you-are-there” retelling of events and the drama involved that makes Carlin such an amazing radio/podcast personality and that makes me recommend them so highly.

There are 3 episodes so far, and they’re called “GHOSTS OF THE OSTFRONT”. Carlin is currently working on a fourth and final episode. Totally recommended for the morning & evening commute. I’m going to download them again and listen a second time. You'll likely get a much better sense of the enormity and importance of these battles, battles that it would be an understatement to say enormously shaped the civilization in which we live right now.

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Cousin Creep said...

Totally agree Jay, Hardcore History is sensational stuff, any topic Dan covers is riveting. I am hanging out for the final 4th episode of this series.