Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Dan Carlin has recorded and released the final episode of what may quite seriously be the best podcast of all time, his four-part series on the German/Soviet Union battles of World War II, “Ghosts of the Ostfront”. As mentioned before, it’s fascinating stuff, made all the more illuminating by Carlin’s delivery (someone get that guy an Audiobook deal). Check it out over at the HARDCORE HISTORY website.


Cousin Creep said...

jaw dropping and stunning. The final 20 mins subject matter, which as a modern society, we push to one side pretending it never happened. It did.

Michael said...

Thank you for posting this as I would not have found and listened to this series and then all the hardcore history podcast. Unfortunatly my writing skills can not begin to convey how incredible this series is. He made me feel like I was there. Not for the faint of heart.

Thanks again.