Monday, November 2, 2009


I listened to these two excellent podcasts over the weekend. David Goldhill wrote an article in last month’s THE ATLANTIC called “How American Health Care Killed My Father”, and has been tirelessly hammering home his (entirely correct, as far as I’m concerned) diagnosis of the layers of problems within the American health care system that led to this. Sure, it’s a sensational title, yet the article – nor the podcasts – aren’t really about him and his father. They’re about what happens when American consumers are insulated from the true costs of health care, and the perverse incentives that therefore get set up throughout the chain.

Goldhill also quite legitimately questions whether our system is truly making us more healthy, or simply less wealthy. He has no scorched-earth libertarian solution to the myriad of problems, and he definitely advocates an incrementalist approach in dealing with it – but I seriously recommend spending the 20 minutes it will take to listen to these, as it’s a sane and reasoned voice that’s miles away from the debate in Washington right now.

Play David Goldhill – “American Health Care Kills”

Play David Goldhill – “Failed Promises in Health Care Reform”

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Colin said...

Both great interviews.
I love the part about our health insurance not being insurance.

Thanks Jay.